External Antenna/Rubplates

I build two external antennas. The Quantum Light and the Quantum Sun. The Quantum light layers sacred geometry, principles of the tensor ring, monatomic minerals, beeswax, elemtental silver, and a few other things to create an antenna/rubplate that plugs into your instrument for increased broadcast power and decreased broadcast time. Antennas have characteristics in numerous areas. The Quantum Light has its own unique abilities like the KRT Perfect Spiral and the Cory Coil have theirs. The Quantum Light is particularly good at specifically working with and through time. Speaking of the Cory Coil and the Colossus, these antennas work very well with Corys devices. We actually had a Colossus WANT to be hooked up to a Quantum Light antenna, and we left it connected for the better part of a day. When I hooked my personal Quantum Light up to my Cory coil, it wanted me to wait a day or so before doing anything so they could integrate and synchronize.

The Quantum light is comparable to the KRT Perfect Spiral antenna in terms of power.

The Quantum Sun adds elemental gold among other things to give a considerable increase in power over the Quantum Light and even better performance working directly with time. A gifted psychic I know says she can hear “singing” when she looks at the Quantum Sun.

The Quantum Sun is still very new and being evaluated, but it is much more powerful than the Quantum Light. Its broadcast ability appears to be in between a Perfect Spiral and a Cory Coil.

To order please see the contact page.


I wrote more about the nature and characteristics of radionic antennas on the “Radionic Thoughts” page of this site.

Quantum Light: $300

Quantum Sun: $400


Quantum sun 2

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