Reagents and Programs

Below are the reagents and programs I currently have available with some description about them and what they do. Some are fairly straightforeward in their conception, some are pretty esoteric. The prices do not include shipping. I also build custom reagents.

To order reagents and programs please see the contact page.

The Musical note set and the Sound of the Dinshah colors set come in 1 dram glass vials. All other reagents come in 4″ tall 5/8″ diameter test tubes. Test tubes and vials are filled with clean high quality sand.

Reagent label                 New Labels for the reagent or program tubes.

Reagents and Programs are silightly different. See the Radionic Thoughts section for a more detailed explanation. Basically, reagents modify a broadcast and programs really are broadcasts themselves even if they could also be used to modify a broadcast.

REAGENTS: Etheric Body, All Times, Broadcast Clarity, Schrodingers Cat, Time’s up, Pulser, Music set, Color set.

All others are Programs.

NEW RELESES: The agriculture series:  Soil Sequencer, Water Wizardry,       Agriculture First Aid,         See below for details.

The Agriculture Vitalizer is coming soon.   

Individual Reagents or Programs:

The Agriculture Series:

Agriculture First Aid:  $40                                                                                                               Literally first aid for plants. Shock, dehydration, frost damage, blight, fungal infection or whatever. Place the reagent in the well with the witness and the plant gets relief and stabilization while you prepare a more comprehensive and specific healing solution.

Soil Sequencer: $40                                                                                                                           Engages and balances the soil biochemical sequence of minerals, clears stray voltage and geopathic stress, balances toxins and chemicals (including Roundup), and balances out radiation.

Water Wizardry: $40                                                                                                                         Water is revitalized, structured and energized into a state of living vitality. This reagent is inspired by the work of Viktor Schauberger. Water will also be cleared of stray voltage and contaminating energy. Chemicals and toxins will be balanced.


Health Related:

COVID-19: $20                                                                                                                                    Built to deal with the virus, any mutations, 5G, spiritual aspects, and more. Also supports the immune system and the respiratory system. I’ve incorporated information from numerous researchers into this to make it as comprehensive as I can.

CHEMTRAIL/MORGELLONS: $30 Thoth web logo
This program is used for clearing out the contaminants of the chemtrails and elimination of all forms of the Morgellons infection, which is spread through chemtrails and other methods. Please see the Chemtrail and Morgellons worksheets for lists of identified pathogens and substances. Included is removal of a parasitic negative entity. There are also supportive colors, tones, symbols, sacred geometry, and more to support the balancncing.

Blood sugar and related systems are normalized and fields of diabetes or hypoglycemia are balanced away. A proper diet will still need to be followed to ensure imbalanced conditions do not return.

All individual parts of the brain are balanced. Also includes brain electric and magnetic fields, brow and crown chakras, brain chemicals, brainwaves, DNA, and left/right brain balance. There are also colors, tones, symbols, sacred geometry and more to support the balancing.

DARK SHIELD: $40                                                                                                                            A  reagent to protect from and dispel all forms of black magic, dark radionic/psychotronic influences, and demonic or other spiritual entities. Can be used as a shield broadcasting 24/7 or to clear an area or subject from these energies and influences.

DEPRESSION BALANCER: $40                                                                                                     Balances all the brain chemicals and neurotransmitters, as well as the pituitary and pineal, associated vitamins and minerals, and brain energetics. Now improved to include emotional and psychological aspects and some related issues such as fear and anxiety.

All glands and aspects of the endocrine system are balanced by the use of this reagent. Originally developed to go with chakra balancing, as each chakra is associated with a different gland.

Causes the broadcast to occur on the etheric body simultaneously with the physical. This saves time from having to set extra rates for the etheric body, and is useful when you do not have enough banks to broadcast to both bodies at once, again, saving time in your work

EYE/VISION BALANCE: $30                                                                                                           For balancing all physical aspects of the eye as well as vision disorders, vision function and eye diseases. Includes energetic levels and nutrients associated with healthy eyes.

This reagent balances all hormone levels and is keyed for women. Women have somewhat different hormone levels and balancing needs than men do. Xenoestrogen balancing is included here.

FIRST AID: $40                                                                                                                                    A radionic version of first aid. For any situation requiring immediate help: snake bite, fracture, puncture wound, food poisoning, wasp sting, shock, allergic reaction, electrocution, trauma, or such things. Just put the tube in the well with the witness and set it on 0-100 or any appropriate rate and turn it on. Now the subject is getting some help and you have less pressure and more time while figuring out your next step. Not a substitution for actual first aid or medical care. Something is being done for the patient while your brother in law looks for the snake bite kit for example.

Similar to the brain, all physical parts of the heart are balanced. Also includes beat, rhythm, electric and magnetic fields, blood pressure, thymus, heart chakra, DNA, love, hormones, oxygen, and the vortexing action on the blood. There are also supportive colors, tones, symbols, sacred geometry, and more to support the balancing.

Balances all hormones associated with the male system and includes balancing of hormone disruptors.

PROSTATE BALANCER: $30                                                                                                      Balances the prostate gland and associated systems including meridians and chakras.

RAINBOW POWER: $40                                                                                                                 Balances all aspects of color in the subject as well as aspects of light and darkness. This reagent utilizes the living colors I spoke about in Rapid City in 2019. An all purpose reagent for many situations including health and agriculture. This is a more comprehensive and powerful version of the color balance reagent I gave out in Rapid City at my presentation.

All aspects of sacred geometry in the subject are brought into a state of balance. This includes Platonic solids, Archimedian solids, seed fruit and flower of life, PHI ratios, and the Chestehedron.

RADIATION SHIELD: $40                                                                                                            Shields from and balances ionizing radiation. This is the kind of radiation from nuclear power plants (and nuclear accidents)  and related technology. Test results have been better than expected. This is a shield or can be used to clear radiation damage.

Balances all of the vertebrae, disks, nerves, meridians, energy pathways, spinal fluid, meninges, etc. Everything in the spinal column.

H.A.A.R.P. SHIELD: $40
Designed to protect from the harmful emf and scalar broadcasts of this technology. This reagent also cleans up toxins and heals damage from exposure to this energy at very deep levels. Works to undo the mental and emotional controls and influences these broadcasts put out. This may be broadcast continuously to form a protective shield.

A reagent for balancing and shielding from the emf fields of cell phones and towers, radar, 5g transmissions, GWEN towers, WI-FI, smart meters, radio, and ELF transmissions. Similar to the H.A.A.R.P. shield, this one also heals damage at a deep level as well as counteracting mind and emotion control effects. May be broadcast continuously to form a protective shield.

Balances electric and magnetic fields and polarity as described in the Body Electric worksheet by Scott Ertl and Tim Lippert as well as balancing a few other energy fields. Run the sheet to see where you are, and use this reagent to save time in balancing.


Broadcast Enhancing Or Special Purpose:

A useful tool to make your broadcasts more powerful. It causes whatever
broadcast is is used with to occur at the most appropriate point or points in time. Please be aware that this reagent will often cause the broadcast time to go up as opposed to down like other reagents This is normal and happens because the broadcast is doing more work as it is occurring in numerous points in time.
A check of broadcast intensity will show that the broadcast is more effective even though broadcast time has increased.

BROADCAST CLARITY: $40                                                                                                           This one eliminates non resonant energy patterns in the broadcast, cleaning it up so to speak. Similar to the resonating chambers used in acoustics that clean up the quality of sound. Sacred geometry is used to achieve this. There is also a waveguide function built into the reagent. The effect is to lower broadcast time and increase broadcast intensity and eliminate most interfering energy patterns. According to Dr. Alan Back, creator of the Advanced Biophoton Analyzer, most subjects of radionic broadcasts do not receive 100% of the intended signal. This reagent will cause the subject to get 98%-100% of the signal.

HEALING BATH: $40                                                                                                                         Just potentize this into a small jar or beaker of water to pour into a bath or hot tub/jacuzzi. it contains the fountain of youth rate, color, music, sacred geometry, polarity balancing, energy clearing, healing promotion, and more. Best used with magnesium bath flakes or oil, epsom salts, or some other minerals in the water. Do not put magnesium flakes or oil, or epsom salts in a hot tub or jacuzzi. Use these substances in a bathtub only.

SCHRODINGERS CAT: $40                                                                                                             An aid for broadcasts to isolate the reality you want from the sea of probabilities and possibilities, and manifest that reality through your broadcast. Inspired by the famous thought experiment of Schrodingers cat, and built on Schrodingers equations for predicting the values or properties of quantum particles, there are also other ideas from quantum mechanics woven into this reagent. The short explanation is that it lowers broadcast time, increases broadcast intensity, and increases accuracy.  

SEVEN DEADLY SINS: $40                                                                                                       Works to balance these “sins” on an emotional and psychological level and replace them with the appropriate virtues. Good for behavioral problems, emotional imbalances, lack of morality, and the underlying causes of these sins.

ST ELMOS’ FIRE: $40                                                                                                                     A prayer and invocation for protection, safe travels, and good omens. Based on the sailors beliefs about St Elmo and the St Elmo’s fire phenomenon. Includes a prayer to St Elmo (also known as St Erasmus).

TIME’S UP:  $50                                                                                                                                This reagent shuts down your broadcast after the dowsed time has run out. Even thought the switches are on and the circuit closed the broadcast is shut off. This is very useful for personal instruments as they have no timer. Now you can set the broadcast and walk away. Come back when you can. Also good for those who don’t want to use electricity with their instruments as the timer needs the power. (You might also want to look at the Radionic Thoughts page under Broadcast Time).

Causes the broadcast it is used with to be pulsed at whatever frequency is most appropriate. This includes not pulsing the broadcast if that is what is appropriate. This saves wear and tear on your switches and saves time from doing it manually.

My research has led me to believe that quantum computers “leak” various quantum effects out into the world at large. This has undesirable effects on radionic broadcasts and on human energy fields and even the physical body. I am sure there are other effects as well. This reagent when added to a broadcast lowers the broadcast time and raises broadcast intensity by shielding the broadcast and subject from this quantum pollution. When the tube is simply held in my hand it raises my GV.
This reagent can be used to clear these effects out of a subject or broadcast continually to create a protective shield.

Built to UN-modify the weather, this reagent seeks to undo the weather modification effects of chemtrails and H.A.A.R.P. broadcasts used for weather control. It also transforms Deadly Orgone energy back to life giving Orgone energy. Please note that this reagent does not specifically bring rain or clear skies or such things. It UN-modifies the weather control technologies and allows the weather to do as nature would do if left unmolested. This reagent, among many other things, invites elementals and nature spirits and angels to help with this task.

Reagent Sets:

This set allows you to quickly balance all of the meridians in the body safely. The central and governing meridians must be balanced before the others so they are separate from the body meridians. Each of the body meridians is at its strongest at a specific time of day and weakest 12 hours later. energy also flows in a particular path through the meridians in a particular order. The reagent balances the meridians at the most appropriate time of day for the individual meridian and balances in the most appropriate order.

A set of vials, each potentized with one musical note in a scale where A=432 HZ and based on a form of Pythagorean tuning. Also includes a set of vials each containing one of the 9 Solfeggio tones.
23 vials total.

The exact frequency of each individual Dinshah color cycled down octave by octave until they are in the audible range. Used with the matching color to create a synergistic effect where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Added to any broadcast with a matching Dinshah color and the broadcast time will decrease. Can also be used by themselves, almost as effective as the colors. his set now also includes the eight living colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, magenta. I scanned the rates for thes colors from the rainbow created by a prism on a sunny day. The living colors are the closest thing to actual color. Colored glass or plastic, paint, colored cloth, etc are representations of color, not the actual living color itself. 25 vials total.


Mountain spring water, essential oils of lime, orange, ginger, and pine, radionically potentized. Lowers broadcast time, improves dowsing, grounds you, clears interfering energy, clears reverse polarity, raises cell voltage, and possibly more.
Just spray it on your hands and rub onto your face and hair. It seems to work well sprayed directly on the face as well (keep eyes closed!) Be sure to get it on your hair in any case, hair is an antenna.
4 oz glass spray bottle.


Elemental Magic:  Balances and enhances elemental forces. Including elemental spirits and related beings. Intended for farms and other outdoor areas and possibly buildings and structures.

Mysterious Ways:  ?

Weight Loss:

DNA/RNA Restoration:

Nervous System Balancer:

*These products are not intended to be substitutes for medical care. See a licensed health care professional if medical aid is needed.*

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